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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law Links

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Courts

Administrative Order 07-20-B Regarding collaborative conflict resolution

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them."
- Einstein


Collaborative Law

The process of collaborative law is a team approach, which includes lawyers, mental health professionals, and financial professionals. The team is specifically selected by the parties involved. The parties and the team work together in a cooperative manner to explore all the possibilities for a less costly, less time-consuming, and more acceptable outcome.

Rather than give control to a stranger about decisions that will affect you and your family for the rest of your lives, you can retain control of the process, rather than let the process control you. This is a way to maintain dignity for you and your family, as well as protecting your children from unnecessary conflicts, which are perpetuated by traditional court proceedings.

With the collaborative process, there are no [seemingly] endless motions and court proceedings. It is a process of conflict-resolution where all parties involved participate in the final outcome. Dr. Robin Siebold has been instrumental in educating and organizing collaborative professionals in Brevard County.  She also worked closely with members of the judicial system and personally coached Judge John D. Moxley,  who authored the first administrative order in the State of Florida which was signed by Judge Rainwater, Chief Judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit on June 25, 2007. For more information or further explanation, please e-mail or go to:

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